Behind the Velvet Rope: Meet WTB Agency, LA’s Latest Creative Powerhouse

by | Nov 3, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of event production and experiential marketing, where creativity and innovation take center stage, the narrative of WTB Agency serves as a compelling illustration of the potency of collaboration, vision, and unyielding resolve. Established in 2022, WTB Agency has swiftly emerged as a formidable presence in the industry, all credit to the collective endeavors of its three extraordinary founders: Akansha Mirchandani, Aliana Rubins, and Art Osa. 

The three founders have worked in their own respective lives to establish themselves as leaders in innovative creative practices and through their work have produced some of the most exclusive LA parties including events for Selena Gomez, Tyga, BIA, and Revolve to name a few. WTB Agency has become a staple for celebrity and brand event organization, bringing a personal and exciting touch to everything they produce. 

At the forefront of this new era of event planning is co-founder Akansha Mirchandani, who approached Rubins and Osa with a proposal to start a brand new venture. The result of their merger was WTB Agency, using the resources of each of the founders to create a one-of-a-kind creative incubator that has risen to paramount levels within a 12 month span. 

Mirchandani moved from Mumbai, India to Los Angeles at 19 years old with a clear direction and desire to merge her love for fashion and design with the world of events that Los Angeles had to offer. She pursued a degree in fashion before landing a job straight out of college with Kathy Hilton Designs, the Hilton’s esteemed fashion brand. Hilton was so impressed with Mirchandani’s drive and ideas that she hired her on as her Executive Assistant where Mirchandani got exclusive access to some of the inner workings of the entertainment industry. 

“I was so lucky to have been so involved in such a big part of the entertainment industry at such a young age,” says Mirchandani over the phone. “Kathy [Hilton] was such a great mentor for me and helped me get in touch with the inner workings of this world. I realized pretty early on that I was really passionate about innovating and adding to the conversation, and that really grew through this experience.”

Following years working for Hilton, Mirchandani took off on her own path, serendipitously meeting Rubins in 2018. Rubins had already established her own successful event management company at this point named Aliana Events, and Mirchandani began freelancing for her almost immediately after they met. Speaking of their meeting, Mirchandani recalls that the synergy between her and Rubins was palpable, and it became clear that their shared passion for creating memorable experiences was a powerful force.

The two of them went on to work together throughout the years for several projects, with Mirchandani culminating a strong portfolio of contacts and experience that helped strengthen the final form of what WTB Agency is today.  Mirchandani spoke to Rubins and other co-founder Art Osa about the idea of merging minds to create an all-encompassing experiential agency in 2022.You can say the rest is history, but that would discredit the work it took to get to where they are today. 

“We had worked together in many different capacities before,” says Mirchandani. “But to start an agency together is a very different experience. There are many considerations, highs and lows, intricate details you have to keep in mind throughout the process. And, of course, with any new business, there’s the fear of things not working out. For it being the first year of our business, we’ve done very well.” 

(L-R) Akansha Mirchandani and Aliana Rubins

Considering their current roster of events and clients, that might seem like a bit of an understatement. In January 2023, WTB Agency threw Lori Harvey’s birthday party, bringing about another big success to the portfolio. The party received some heavy media attention, with names like Lil Nas X, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner on the guest list. Mirchandani was thanked publicly for the organization of the event, posing alongside Harvey in a W Magazine article. This kind of personal relationship with clients is part of the WTB Agency imprint. As an agency that truly tries to tell their clients stories through their events, Mirchandani and her team have fostered deep ties with the people they choose to work with, creating incredibly special moments for all of the parties involved. 

For Mirchandani, Rubins, Osa, and WTB Agency, this stroke of success is just the beginning. Mirchandani alluded to some exciting new developments in store for the agency including a new in-house sponsorships division as well as a digital department.  

“There is something so special about making an idea come to life,” says Mirchandani as we wrap up the call. “Seeing a client’s face light up when they realize we understand what they’re looking for, when they realize that we are on the same page, is really what makes this so worthwhile. I’m looking forward to chasing that feeling for as long as I can.”   


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Behind the Velvet Rope: Meet WTB Agency, LA’s Latest Creative Powerhouse

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