Mr. T Los Angeles: A Year of French Culinary Glam in Hollywood

by | Sep 26, 2023

Los Angeles, CA – On September 23rd, Hollywood’s stars descended upon Mr. T Los Angeles to celebrate its one-year anniversary in grand style. The guest list read like a who’s who of the entertainment and sports world, with luminaries such as basketball legends Rudy Gobert and Derek Fisher, accompanied by his wife, Gloria Govan. LA Galaxy’s soccer sensation Javier Hernández Balcázar, affectionately known as “Chicharito,” added his star power to the mix. And not to be outdone, French actor Omar Sy graced the soirée with his presence, joined by a constellation of Hollywood’s finest, including Melora Hardin, Katie Cassidy, and actor-director Danny A. Abeckaser.


The party scene as Mr. T celebrates its First Year Anniversary!


The soirée also welcomed the likes of Foodgod, Lorenzo Antonucci, Oliver Trevena, and Rob Weiss. Devaughn Nixon, Megan Heaton, and Stephen Huszar added a touch of glamour, while Diana Madison, Hilary Shor, and Caroline D’Amore sprinkled their stardust. The roster continued with Lorenza Izzo, Nichelle Hines, Larray, and Sivan Gold, among others, all converging to toast to the success of Mr. T Los Angeles.


Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan celebrate at the one year anniversary bash of Mr. T Los Angeles restaurant with owner Guillaume Guedj; featuring modern French cuisine and El Cristiano cocktails with music by William Lifestyle and Earry Hall.



Ron Weiss and Lorenzo Antonucci grace Mr. T’s First Year Anniversary bash!


The brainchild behind this culinary haven, Guillaume Guedj, along with his wife Barbara Guedj, played the gracious hosts, offering a night of delectable modern French cuisine meticulously crafted by Executive Chef Alisa Vannah. The celebration unfolded in the heart of the restaurant, embracing the indoor dining room, cocktail bar, private room, custom booths, outdoor patio, and a chic lounge area. It was an enchanting evening filled with live jazz melodies and electrifying DJ sets by William Lifestyle and Earry Hall.

The birth of Mr. T in the City of Angels was orchestrated by Guillaume Guedj, a visionary French restaurateur who brought a slice of Paris to the sunny shores of Los Angeles. Rooted in the spirit of the Marais district of Paris, where its sibling restaurant is a perennial favorite, Mr. T found its home in the vibrant Sycamore Street neighborhood. Nestled at 953 N Sycamore Street, just south of Santa Monica Blvd, it quickly became a go-to spot for food aficionados and seekers of authentic French flavors.


Basketball star Rudy Gobert celebrates at the one year anniversary bash of Mr. T Los Angeles restaurant, with Mr. T’s mastermind Guillaume Guedj.

Guedj, in collaboration with Chef Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, embarked on a gastronomic journey that blended classic French techniques with a modern twist. The menu, inspired by their globetrotting adventures and late-night French escapades, ushered in a wave of “New French” cuisine. Street food was elevated to an art form, offering diners an elegant yet approachable culinary expedition.

At the helm of this culinary ship is Executive Chef Alisa Vannah. Having honed her skills during an impressive tenure at Republique, including stints at Chi Spacca and Tsubaki, Chef Alisa brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the table. Guillaume Guedj recognized her talents and, in 2021, invited her to work alongside Chef Tsuyoshi Miyazaki in Paris, laying the foundation for the Los Angeles outpost of Mr. T. Under her guidance, Mr. T Los Angeles continues to delight patrons with globally-inspired dishes executed flawlessly with French finesse.



Foodgod celebrates at the one year anniversary bash of Mr. T Los Angeles restaurant with restaurant owner Guillaume Guedj.




The beautiful Katie Cassidy and talented actor/director Danny A. Abeckaser celebrate at the one year anniversary bash of Mr. T Los Angeles restaurant.


As Mr. T Los Angeles marks its first anniversary, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of French cuisine, elevated to new heights on the West Coast. With a star-studded celebration and a culinary journey that tantalizes the palate, Mr. T Los Angeles has firmly established itself as a must-visit destination in the City of Angels. It’s a slice of Parisian elegance right in the heart of Hollywood, where every dish tells a story and every guest becomes part of the narrative. Here’s to another year of French culinary excellence and Hollywood glamour at Mr. T Los Angeles!


DJ William Lifestyle, Earry Hall and Guillaume Guedj having fun.



The gorgeous Diana Madison parties at Mr. T’s First year anniversary.



Mexican Soccer star of the LA Galaxy, Javier Hernandez, with actor Oliver Trevena celebrate at the one year anniversary bash of Mr. T Los Angeles restaurant.


Los Angeles Inquisitor publisher Derek Warburton with podcaster Heather Duffy at the one year anniversary of Mr T.




About the Owner,  Guillaume Guedj:

His first hospitality endeavor began in 2010, when he called on his friend, Japanese chef Shinichi Sato, to open a restaurant. His vision was to bring French cuisine into the 21st century, providing a fresh, contemporary take, with the famed Passage 53. The concept quickly became one of the most desirable dining rooms in Paris, earning 2 Michelin stars.

Guillaume’s time at Passage 53 took him to restaurants and vineyards in cities across the world where he was able to foster relationships with purveyors and fellow restaurateurs. During his travels and after many late nights spent discovering the street food of each region he found himself in, Guillaume began to wonder what a restaurant that drew on these experiences and global flavors could look like.

After 10 years at the helm of Passage 53, which was renowned as one of the top 100 restaurants in the world across various accolades, he decided to shift his focus to a new concept, the globally-inspired and French-rooted, Mr. T. Partnering with Chef Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, together, the pair developed a menu that drew on their travels and late night discoveries but was prepared using classic French techniques. Upon opening in Paris’ Marais-district in 2017, the restaurant rapidly became a must visit destination in the city. With Mr. T, Guillaume brought street food to the table and invited guests on a culinary journey for the palette exploring new flavors and unfamiliar cultures, establishing a cult following for their gastronomic street food interpretations.

Following the booming success of the Paris location, Guillaume sought out a US expansion of the concept in 2019, landing on Los Angeles’ blossoming Sycamore neighborhood due to the parallels he saw to the Marais. He relocated to Los Angeles to launch the restaurant, opening Mr. T Los Angeles’ doors in August 2022.

The genius behind the inception of Mr. T… the owner Guillaume Guedj.



About Chef Alisa Vannah

Chef Alisa Vannah was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where her culinary interest began at a young age making family meals like bao buns and thai sausages with her mother. Her family’s cooking influenced her to pursue her passion and she landed her first job in the kitchen at  a small Thai restaurant in North Hollywood.

From there Alisa went on to work at Nancy Silverton’s Chi Spacca in 2012 where she quickly discovered she was on the right track. Alisa was recruited by Republique’s renowned chef and owner, Chef Walter Manzke, to join their team just two months after the acclaimed French-inspired restaurant’s opening. There she sharpened her skills with each station and learned what it meant to be a successful chef.

In 2017 Alisa moved on to help open Echo Park-based Japanese izakaya restaurant, Tsubaki. Following a successful opening, she returned to Republique, as executive sous-chef for another three and a half years. When she was ready for a change, Republique’s Chef Walter Manzke connected her with Guillaume, creator and owner of Mr. T..

In 2021, Guillaume invited Alisa to work with Chef Tsuyoshi Miyazaki at the original Mr. T in Paris, to prepare for the opening of Mr. T Los Angeles, where she now oversees the kitchen as executive chef. Located in Los Angeles’ chic Sycamore neighborhood, at Mr. T Los Angeles Alisa serves up globally-inspired  dishes executed with flawless French technique.


Chef Alisa Vannah


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