My Sundaze with Zachory Sweeney

by | Apr 2, 2023

Zachory Sweeney


 I’m a jack of all trades. I worked in executive protection, and biohazard remediation, and currently a cybersecurity consultant. During the pandemic, I took an interest in the entertainment world and started pursuing acting and modeling.

What is your favorite time of day during the weekend? 

 My favorite time of day is sunrise on a Saturday. Everything is quiet except for birds chirping; I can feel the cool crisp air bring in the day and watch the morning rays of light crest over my lavender bushes. I usually like to take hikes and meditate during this time.

What is the best compliment you ever got that you always keep close to heart? 

When someone compliments me on a skill that I’ve worked hard to achieve. For example, a man I respect and look up to the CEO of Dark Hint Cyber Security acknowledged my progress and talent for skill acquisition

Be real, what makes you smile the most? 

My two rescue dogs I adopted through The Animal Rescue Mission! Check us out! 😄

The most expensive thing you ever splurged on that you may or may not regret?

My audible book collection! I’ve probably spent around 10k in the last few years. Hopefully I can read them all soon! Haha

What makes you feel like you? 

Finding the balance between perfecting my skill set and not taking life too seriously.

How do you keep your cool in odd situations? 

Clear my mind, prioritize, then execute tasks in order of importance.

What are the things that you first notice about a person?

Their body language, how they present themselves and how they treat others

What is your most played song right now? 

Breaking the habit by Linkin Park, I love singing linkin park in the car on my commute if I’m not listening to an audiobook

Guilty pleasures.. name at least 3.

Thai tea, anime and sushi

If you could switch lives with your personal hero for a day,  What would you do?

I’d switch places with a man I share my birthday with, David Goggins. He motivates me to push past my limits. I’d run the Moab 240, a grueling 240-mile race through the La Sal Mountains near Moab, Utah and go to my goal of finishing the Triple Crown of 200s. That includes 3, 200-mile races, Tahoe, bigfoot and Moab.

For more on Zach: zachorysweeney_

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