The Crossed App – Find Others Who Live in Your World

by | Jul 8, 2024

From Swiping Fatigue to Meaningful Encounters: How Crossed Redefines Online Connections

Chances are, if you’ve tried dating apps, you know how superficial and frustrating they can be. For instance, it’s common to meet someone interesting only to discover they live far away, while other times, you can spend weeks messaging someone only to discover they aren’t willing to meet up in person.

Now there’s a better way to meet people, whether you’re looking for a romantic partner, new friends, or business connections. Called Crossed, this app offers an alternative to traditional dating apps.

“We built Crossed because we knew dating apps could be better,” says Manny Manzel, co-founder and CEO of Crossed. “We focus on promoting authenticity and building a diverse community.”

Crossed offers proximity-based matching!

Conventional dating apps bombard users with dozens and dozens of profiles, but this only leads to swiping fatigue — the exhaustion of making one split-second decision after another, usually based on one’s initial impression of their physical appearance. Indeed, according to a 2023 study, 79 percent of respondents report having suffered “emotional fatigue or burnout” from participating in dating apps.

Crossed works differently. This new app uses next-generation geolocation technology to find users who tend to visit the same real-world locations and then point out the possible connection between them.

“The technology works by establishing a 150-meter perimeter around each user,” Manzel explains. “When those perimeters overlap, Crossed makes note of the similarity and raises the possibility of a match to the users. There’s also a Safe Mode that allows users to decide whether or not the other party can see their profile.”

Crossed makes it easy to identify people whose lives naturally run alongside your own. Users don’t need to swipe — they just need to go about living their normal lives. The app does the rest. 

The result? Meaningful interactions, rather than mindless scrolling and snap judgments.

Crossed prioritizes genuine connections!

Crossed also promotes genuine connections. By using physical proximity to create matches, it finds people who already have a substantial amount in common. People who enjoy strolling along a beach at sunset, for example, will finally be able to put a name to the face of that other walker they’ve sometimes seen. Those who love going to book launches or art openings can find others who enjoy doing the same things.

“Our algorithms are based on your real-world movements, and we encourage users to showcase their true selves,” Manzel explains. “As a result, we are better able to connect people based on their shared interests, values, and experiences than traditional apps.”

Crossed also prides itself on its inclusive approach. “We bring people from diverse backgrounds together,” Manzel says. “We offer a safe, supportive environment where everyone belongs.”

Crossed Banner Image

Crossed prioritizes safety and security:

Importantly, Crossed enables users to verify their identities, which decreases the risk of catfishing, in which users pretend to be someone else. This feature enables people to know who they are messaging from the beginning.

Crossed also protects users’ personal information with the most rigorous security protocols — those employed by banks and financial institutions. “We use Plaid, which is a state-of-the-art system,” says Manzel. 

All messaging through the system is also encrypted. “Ironclad security is our watchword,” Manzel says. “You never have to worry about the wrong people getting your information on our platform.”

Crossed also offers options for people who aren’t interested in dating. “There are three modes, and each operates completely separately from the others,” Manzel explains. “You can just be on the mode for friendship or the mode for business — you don’t have to set up an account for dating. You can also see what modes other users have accounts on so you can screen for anyone who is looking for different things than you and only focus on those who want the same things.”

Find others who live in your world!

Gone are the days of endless swiping. With Crossed, you can introduce yourself to others who live in your same world, resulting in more meaningful relationships, less loneliness, and greater connections than ever before. 

Crossed is revolutionizing the online dating experience, moving beyond endless swiping to create a platform where genuine connections thrive. Discover the joy of deeper connections and a more enriching social life with Crossed. Available now — download the Crossed app and start your journey today!

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The Crossed App – Find Others Who Live in Your World

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